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why you'd want to live here

lets see
i went to the river.
i collected wood for this piece i'm going to try and do this week.
i worked all day
thought all day. i contemplated going back to she-town. i contemplated dropping out. thought about school, next semester, people, and i guess just me in general. i think i've fucked up too much. too much time i've wasted.
then i fought. i don't think we will ever get along. i think we've both damaged each other enough. sometimes i think our futures are just a broken hearted phone call away. i don't belong here. anywhere.
this is suppose to be easy.
these are the good years.
i hate how people think they know me. know everything about me and never even really got to know me. if they only asked.

i guess i kind of miss a year ago or so. maybe more. i miss cari and mike and riley and all of those people. i miss burlington. i miss when connor, rizzler, dana, lonna and i all first met and went for a ride got burnt and lost and ate all nora and lona's food. i think we were young then and everything seemed so easy, our biggest problem was spring poe and drama just adds up.
not to mention the home life. sometimes i think i'm getting to old to be here. honestly this doesn't upset me, but i don't'think my parents even realize i'm around. ha. i guess that's how it goes. life. sanity. and the ever after.
where is my happy ending.

by the way connor be thankful your in japan. it's better there. this place sucks. and there are no dreamboats and princess'
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