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...and you say you'll never do it again

this week alone has been by far the most regretable(?) week so far. burning bridges & trying to remember i am only human is something that has gone far past my ability to even recollect my mistakes.
started with sunday...stupid..can i say when you mix the three of us girls together, claiming we are have a girls night, never turns out right.
monday....fucking retarded( why oh why.....alcohol makes you do stupid stupid things)
and then to finally realize this on tueday, achieve forgivness, leave your house knowing everything will be okay...
wednesday....stupidity all over again.
one week and school's over, maybe these idiot moves will be to.
i'm taking a break from studying right now, smart move, not seriously.
crash course in economics...everything i didn't learn, which is pretty much everything.
i'm suppose to go to the virgin islands in a week with the family. life may proceed with a little more intent...take me from the cold. please?
say a little prayer for me
i'm going
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